23 December 2021

Tailor-made postural studies

Six riders of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team have carried out postural studies this week with different angles of improvement sought. Franck Renimel explains this specific and individualised work carried out by the company ODCycling.

The race department of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team and Arkéa Samsic was fitted out this week as a “postural study room” by the company ODCycling. The best means were used with the installation of multiple optoelectronic cameras to analyse the movements of Lucie Jounier, Marie-Morgane Le Deunff, Amandine Fouquenet, Pauline Allin and Anaïs Morichon. “The tests were first carried out with their Canyon road bikes. Five such cameras were installed. The aim was to carry out a 3D kinematic study of the positions of each camera. After this initial assessment, a second analysis was carried out, focusing on a dynamic study. The aim was to find out how each athlete produces forces on the pedals,” explains Franck Renimel. We then coupled the information on how the rider pedals with the way in which she produces her forces in order to be able to adjust her position as best as possible.  These indoor tests must now be followed up by feedback from our athletes. The ODCycling company is made up of people from the university world, with doctoral students. They have an individualised approach, unique to each of our runners. They start with an athlete, then do their research based on her background, functional abilities and limitations, and then they adapt their position on the bike. It’s not all based on an algorithm. It’s really the athlete who is at the heart of their project”.