10 May 2022

Navarra Elite Classics: Grégoire Le Calvé: "Races that change the ordinary".

The riders of the Arkea Pro Cycling Team will line up at the start of Pamplona on the roads of the Basque Country, on the occasion of Navarra Elite Classics which takes place this Wednesday, May 11.

“The race will be hard, there will be a big level! My goal would be to be able to get a head start by going in the breakaways. If possible I will try to accompany the other climbers of the team as well as possible.”

Grégoire Le Calvé

“These Spanish races are mountainous and have a lot of difference in altitude. We have 3 climbers in the team with Morgane, Yuliia and Pauline. It’s going to be different from the races we usually compete in, as the passes have quite a bit of elevation gain.”