23 May 2022

Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour : Grégoire Le Calvé " Several possible synopses ".

The German event marks the beginning of the second part of the season. Arkéa Pro Cycling Team will approach it with great expectations.

Anaïs Morichon

Before the race

“I’ve cut back a bit to get into the second half of the season as well as possible. The Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour will be a first for me. It’s a beautiful stage race and I’m happy to be at the start. I will take one day at a time. The circuits promise different scenarios that may suit me. We want to give our best by going for good results.”

Before the race

“Itzulia has been a good block of work for the whole team. We approach the Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour with ambitions and a desire to race. We are confident, the team is in good shape, now we need to be successful. The Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour will be an opportunity for me to put myself at the service of the team.”

Grégoire Le Calvé


“The Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour is a 6-day stage race with several possible synopses. Beautiful circuits every day: hilly, never very easy. The shortest stage is 90 km, the longest 135 km. Each day of the race will be different. The level is lower than in other years, so it might be more accessible for the team to get potential good results.”


Amandine Fouquenet
Anaïs Morichon