17 November 2021

Gréta Richioud: "This Women's Tour de France will be the "race" of 2022.

The first Tour de France for women was presented this Thursday morning in Paris. It will undoubtedly mark the history of women’s cycling

“This will be the first Tour de France for women and we are all looking forward to it. The presentation this morning was great and of course it gives you a taste of what the race will be like. The course is quite balanced and if I can put it like that, I would say that “there is a little bit for everyone”. However, the big stages will be concentrated at the end of the race with a very long one and two very hard ones at the end with some very complicated climbs. I think that this first Tour de France for women will be very difficult from a sporting point of view, but the route is “nice”. There might be a time trial missing, but it will be a great race for cranks. This event will mark the HISTORY of women’s cycling, it will be the “RACE” that we will all be waiting for and preparing for and it will be the meeting point for all the teams in 2022.

Grégoire Le Calvé

” The route of this 1st Tour de Femmes is going to be great, it will be a goal for all the girls in 2022, all the best in the world will be there. Starting from the Champs-Élysées after the Tour de France for men will add strength to their race. The proposed route, which will be mainly in the east of France, is quite balanced, with a few sprint stages, but it remains a difficult competition with a road stage, not to mention the last ones in Alsace and the Vosges, which are very tough. We will undoubtedly see the best in the world in a great battle. We hope of course to participate in this first Tour de France for women, which will mark the history of our sport, and therefore of course also ours.”