25 June 2022

French Championship : Anaïs Morichon 13th

Anaïs Morichon finishes 13th in the French Road Championship in Cholet.

“I had good feelings today on the bike. In the final, Morgane was in front so that allowed us not to ride. When Gladys and Audrey came out, I was badly placed. I was out of time and I missed the good shot. I thank the girls who did the job in the last lap, I gave what I had left in the sprint. There is a bit of disappointment.”

Franck Renimel

“We did not come here to finish 13th . There is inevitably some disappointment. The two girls who are competing for the victory were above the rest, but behind them there was a lot to do. We were against the clock the whole race. Morgane managed to be in front, but we did not accompany the best and from then on, it was complicated.”