17 December 2021

Franck Renimel: "We laid the foundations"

Sports director of the Arkéa-Samsic team, Franck Renimel, looks back on his team’s first training camp which took place in the Morbihan last week.


“This training course took place at the “Petite Presqu’ile” gite in Locaol-Mendon, where we have become accustomed. Each time we are perfectly welcomed, everything is perfect: the meals served are those that are appropriate for high-level sportswomen, our hosts are passionate about what they do and also about our team, which they support. We also had very good training conditions, with a variety of activities: road sessions, mountain biking, as well as pilates and outdoor sports. The evenings were filled with meetings of a sporting and administrative nature. One evening was devoted to team-building, and the new members were able to familiarise themselves with the way the team operates. The balance sheet of the past season was also drawn up, as well as the roadmap for 2022, so in January, during the joint training course with the men at Altéa, there will be only one axis: more consistent training and a crescendo in view of the first competition deadlines in early February”.