15 March 2023

Tour de Normandie, F. Renimel: "we have to seize the opportunities"

For its very first edition in its women’s version, the Tour de Normandie will offer an ideal playground for the women puncheurs. It will also be Amandine Fouquenet’s first road race of the season.

Amandine Fouquenet

“I took two weeks off after the cyclo-cross world championships before resuming training for the road season. It’s been a bit difficult lately because of the weather. I can’t wait to put on a race number on the road again. It will be a bit of an unknown as to my form compared to the girls who have already had ten days of racing since the beginning of the season, but I am going into this Tour of Normandy motivated. The field will be tough, the roads not easy, the weather may be an important factor… We can expect a lively race, something we like in the team.”

Franck Renimel, sport director

“The Tour de Normandie in its women’s version is a brand new race. We could compare the profiles of the stages to those of the Tour of Brittany with the finishes for the puncheuses. Marie-Morgane Le Deunff will be in her element to use her speed and we will do everything to accompany her. If the wind is there, if we enter a race of wear and tear, we could have other openings with runners in shape who like these conditions. We’ll have to know how to seize them.”


Amandine Fouquenet