07 May 2022

Tour de Bretagne, 5th stage : Anais Morichon 5th of the general classification

Anais Morichon concluded this Bretagne Ladies Tour with the 5th place of the final classification.

Anaïs Morichon

« I am satisfied with this Bretagne Tour which gave me confidence. I didn’t really expect this, I was aiming for a top 15. I would have liked to try something in the last stage, I was not well placed and it ended with a sprint. But I am very happy. Motivated for the next races! »

Franck Renimel

« We had in mind to improve the general classification and to go for the podium. But our plan to harden the race could not be applied as we imagined. Nevertheless, we had an offensive race. It is our only regret because the girls were always in the front and combative. At the beginning of this competition, we were aiming for a stage victory, but the 5th place of the general classification obtained by Anaïs is very satisfying. »


Anaïs Morichon