06 April 2022

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff « Very happy with the feeling »

The Scheldeprijs was a very busy day for our riders 

Photo credit: ArkeaProCyclingTeam/Olivia Nieto

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff

On the line

«I was very happy with my feelings. I was a bit apprehensive because I crashed a little less than a month ago at the Samyn, which meant I had to stay off the bike for almost a week and a half. My legs were really good. I managed to attack, I went out alone, I would have liked to be accompanied because solo in the wind it was a bit complicated to dig in front of the peloton, but the race gave me confidence for the rest of the race. Unfortunately for the sprint Lucie, the designated leader, fell at 3,5 km, I just avoided her fall, but after that it was hard to get back up because it was already going very fast. Despite that we had a good team race, all the girls were well placed all day.»

Franck Renimel

The Debrief

‘«The main objective of the race was to anticipate a possible bunch sprint with the intention of making the race harder. Our wish was to organize an edge move with two laps to go. A crash in the final made this tactic unworkable. Lucie fell with 3.5 km to go. Our team was not able to express itself and follow through with our intentions. Typhaine Laurance, who was caught up in the crash, is fine. »


Marie-Morgane Le Deunff