10 May 2023

Ladies Tour de Bretagne (Stage 2) - Amandine Fouquenet: "I gave it my all »

Amandine Fouquenet took the 6th place of the second stage of the Ladies Tour de Bretagne in Saint Méen-le-Grand.


Photo Arkéa Pro Cycling Team: Franz-Renan Joly

Amandine Fouquenet

On the line

“The day was wet and humid. On the final circuit, there was a big crash. Marie-Morgane was in front of me, in a good position, and fortunately she didn’t go to the ground, but she was bothered. A small group came out, I was part of it. I gave it my all, did what I could, but I didn’t have the resources to do better in the sprint either. I am happy with my 6th place. There is the time trial tomorrow, and my goal is to continue to do my best on this stage as well as on the last two stages that concluded this Ladies Tour de Bretagne”.

Franck Renimel, Sport-Director

The debrief’

“The girls were able to take the initiative in the final stage when Marie-Morgane was hampered by the crash that occurred near the finish. Amandine followed the group of girls who came out strong, but there were only sprinters with her, so it was difficult for her to do something with these competitors who have a good speed. She did her best, but above all she knew how to take the initiative to change her plans when it was necessary, at the right moment. We don’t win, we don’t make a podium, but it’s this attitude that I want to remember, because we see that our riders gain race after race in maturity by taking such decisions”.