13 May 2023

Ladies Tour de Bretagne (5th stage) - Marie-Morgane Le Deunff 5th

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff finished 5th in Saint Jean-Brevelay at the end of the 5th and last stage of the Ladies Tour de Bretagne. She also finished first in Brittany in this competition.


Photo Arkéa Pro Cycling Team: Franz-Renan Joly

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff

On the line

“I am happy to finish fifth in this last stage of the Ladies Tour de Bretagne. I would have liked to be on the podium, that’s for sure. But this performance is a reward for the work done by all my team-mates, and in particular Maurène who helped me a lot in all the final stages of this Ladies Tour de Bretagne. It paid off today. The best Breton rider jersey, won on points, rewards all my efforts since the beginning of the year, and above all it is always nice to leave a stage race with a distinctive jersey”.

Franck Renimel, Sport-Director

The debrief’

“Our riders have been fighting all week long and they have been as good as we expected, even if we would have liked to get a podium. But there is a lot of satisfaction at the end of this Ladies Tour de Bretagne, with Danielle De Francesco who brings us a lot since her arrival in the team. Maurène, only 18 years old, shows great qualities, desire, and she was there in the final of all the stages to help Marie-Morgane, who is young but keeps progressing, and above all shows a real racing temperament. There are many positive notes at the end of this Ladies Tour de Bretagne, with a strength of cohesion and a united team, as demonstrated by Maaike, Amandine and Anaïs who put themselves at the service of the group when necessary. We had panache, and this type of behaviour will pay off in the end.


Marie-Morgane Le Deunff