24 April 2022

Grégoire Le Calve: "It creates automatisms''

Collective, active our runners have completed the Ardennes campaign with great promise.

Photo credit: Olivia Nieto

On the line

“The result is below my expectations. A bad positioning at the bottom of the Redoute cost us to be decramped from the group of favorites. We still have a lot to learn technically and tactically. This should make us grow and progress. I was too often against the clock, the winding and fast descents were not to my advantage. Despite that, we are building some nice automatisms between us, and that will allow us to get a good performance in the end.”

Anaïs Morichon

On the line

“I was happy with the sensations, it was a very hard race where the placement was very important, I am not a climber so I was very apprehensive about the bumps, I let go in the côte de la redoute, I was not well placed and I found myself in a small group of 15 for the finish. It was my first participation and I am still happy. It’s a very good omen for the Tour of Brittany in a week. The form is there so I will continue on my way.”

Grégoire Le Calve

The Debriefing

“We took the start with 5, the team was turned around Morgane as leader. The race went as we had planned. It’s very positive. The redoubt which is a mythical place, it is the moment when it is necessary to be placed at the bottom. The girls were in the third group. The runners are homogeneous with automatisms which are set up. With the arrival of stage races, it will allow us to create experience to reach a top 10 in the next races.”


Anaïs Morichon