16 April 2023

Grand Prix Féminin de Chambéry : Megan Armitage 4th

Megan Armitage took 4th place in the Grand Prix Féminin de Chambéry, just two seconds off the podium.

Megan Armitage

“The Grand Prix Féminin de Chambéry is a very technical circuit race. The whole team was concentrated and solid to bring Clara and me in the best conditions in the bumps. I want to thank my teammates. I had the opportunity to compete for the first climber on the first lap, and unfortunately I “burned too many cartridges” in this effort, which deprived me, I think, of the podium in the end. 4th is not the performance I was looking for, but it gives me confidence for the future. It was also Mélanie Briot’s first race as sports director here. I would also like to congratulate all the staff because they take care of us, and that helps us to perform”.

Mélanie Briot, directrice sportive

“The Grand Prix Féminin de Chambéry is a very selective event. The level of participation was very heterogeneous, our runners held their rank, but they are still young in age or in practice, and still have to learn in many areas like tactics or effort management. But that’s okay. Megan was too offensive at the beginning of the race to chase the mountain jersey, but her energy was so great that she ended up at the foot of the podium. The consolation prize is this distinctive jersey, but it’s clearly not what we were looking for, even if the overall performance remains satisfactory.”


Megan Armitage