13 December 2022

Franck Renimel: « We will work on cohesion »

The riders of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team will meet for a first training camp in Locoal-Mendon. This will be the foundation for the 2023 season with a focus on cohesion.

The Arkéa Pro Cycling Team is already well established, despite its young history, and for four seasons now the starting point for the team’s riders has been Locoal-Mendon! The themes of this grouping will be: “putting our riders in situation on different chosen courses, in order to evaluate how they behave on the bike“, says Franck Renimel. “We will also be working on relays, to see how they turn, and if certain automatisms need to be strengthened, especially to lead the sprints of our girls who possess such qualities“. The group will have the whole season presented to them during this grouping of a few days. “The girls are all salaried, they will have obligations and duties towards the team, in order to perform. Martine Moussard will provide them with her dietetic expertise, and there will be an intervention on mental coaching. It will be a real introduction to explain how the team works. They will also be introduced to the team’s new sports assistant for the 2023 season, Julie Drouet.“. 2022 is barely over, but 2023 is already looming large with a strong desire to continue to improve the structure, whether it be the riders or the staff.