28 February 2023

Franck Renimel: "A united team"

Marie-Morgane finished 12th in the women’s Samyn, an event in which the riders of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team showed cohesion and a desire to race at the front.


Photo Arkéa Pro Cycling Team/ Aubin Lipke

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff

On the line

“I am happy, because our goal was a top 15. And I finally finished 12th. The race was always hectic, tense, and it was all about placing between each sector. We rode a good team race, Megan rode the last lap which allowed me to come in placed on the last cobbled sector of this competition. We have a very good Arkéa Pro Cycling Team. We all get on well together and that’s our strength. And that’s what allowed me to get this result in the Samyn Femmes 2023.

Franck Renimel, Sport-director


“The result obtained by Marie-Morgane on this Samyn Grand Prix is satisfactory. She is a rider that we have taken from the junior ranks. Marie-Morgane has really taken a step forward this season, and this is a great promise for the coming races. She finished 12th in the Samyn. Megan has shown great potential on a cobbled race. She knows how to position herself, to rub on a course that does not correspond to her physical qualities, because she is above all a climber. This is a good thing in view of the events that will be in her range. Maaike was also present, as she also has good qualities for the mountains. I am also satisfied with Maurène’s first steps in the professional category, as she is already capable of accompanying the best for a long time. She was left out of the final here due to mechanical problems, but what she showed is, in any case, a very good omen for the future. The Arkéa Pro Cycling Team showed a great collective spirit on this Samyn Femmes by racing together. The riders were always in front. This great cohesion will soon bear fruit”.


Marie-Morgane Le Deunff