20 April 2022

Flèche Wallonne Women, the collective spirit

The Arkea Pro Cycling Team had a great race, with the team spirit as the main strategy, ending with a great performance by Morgane Coston.


Crédit photo: Olivia Nieto


On the line

“The Arkea Pro Cycling Team put together a great team effort in this Flèche Wallonne. A real pleasure despite the difficulty. The team has established automatisms and we can feel the effects. We get along well on the bike, it fits so well. It’s thanks to the team that I can get the best possible place. For my first time at the Mur de Huy, I was on fire. We fight with the bike until the end, my thoughts were just for the girls. I am proud of my place.”

On the line

“The race was hard, I don’t have enough experience yet, but as time goes by I feel that I am progressing “

Franck Renimel

The Debrief’

“As expected at the briefing, the team did a great job around Morgane, which is a good thing for the future. This brought us to a deserved 22nd place for Morgane. Anais and Yulia also got a good place for their first participation in a World Tour race. There were two falls, Typhaine and Amandine. I see a real potential. We can hope to do a little better little by little, and why not claim a top 15.