30 March 2022

Emmanuel Hubert: "Proud for Arkéa Pro Cycling Team”

Emmanuel Hubert is a happy General manager as his month of July will be full, with the announcement of the participation of the Arkéa Pro Cycling team in the 1st Tour de France Women of the professional era. The symbolic relay between the Arkéa-Samsic team and  Arkéa Pro Cycling team will take place on the Champs-Elysées on 24 July.


Taking part in the first Paris-Roubaix in October 2021 was already a huge event, a moment to be marked with a white stone in the history of women’s cycling. Adding to this myth of the classics, this year the first edition of the Tour de France for women in the professional era, and it is a second great chapter that opens before us. The riders selected for this race will be pioneers. It’s incredible, it’s going to be a great week of sport and we’re really looking forward to it. I think that the Tour de France will become the most beautiful and important race in our calendar over time. It will even be set up that way from the first edition, who knows! It’s a myth for the men. We’ve been waiting for this race, and the fact that it’s come to fruition is just huge, I’m young in the professional world, but I know that a lot of the old-timers have been waiting for this moment with great impatience. The media coverage will be important, and there will be an impact on the public, and this will give a new impulse to women’s cycling. The objective for us will of course be to make Arkéa’s colours shine throughout the race week”.

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

The statement

“Thank you to ASO for allowing the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team to write the history of women’s cycling by selecting it for the very first Tour de France Women of the professional era. Women’s sport is in full swing. Cycling is contributing to this movement, which aims to bring women athletes closer to the public and the media. A new international window will be opened this summer through a competition such as the Tour de France, which is well known throughout the world. This will be an additional asset for the development and recognition of women cyclists. On 24 July, the fictional start will be on the Tour Eiffel and the real one done on the Champs-Elysées. The riders will start on the same day as the Tour de France for men! This choice of location is symbolic.  This will be a historic moment for all the riders.  We will have the immense pleasure of experiencing these historic moments through our Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Teams and our riders selected for these two magnificent races which we will tackle boldly”..

Franck Renimel, Sport-Director

The Briefing


“General Manager of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, Emmanuel Hubert had indicated at the beginning of the season that one of his wishes was that the team obtain an invitation to the 1st Tour de France for women, and this has now been achieved. This will give the team the opportunity to be exposed to the general public and the media via a renowned international event, which will be broadcast in many countries around the world.  We competed in the Giro in 2021 to achieve more experience. Our objective this summer will be to be present on the stages that correspond to the qualities of our riders, those in the mountains where we can put forward arguments, as well as those that have a chance of arriving in the sprint. We can show ourselves on this event by playing the leading roles on certain days”.