26 October 2022

Clara Emond: « I like tough races »

Canadian and lawyer in civil life, Clara Emond will join the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team in 2023.

Clara Emond

I started cycling competitively last year, and I immediately took to it. I have a sporting background as I have been skiing competitively for many years. I did alpine skiing, and I was on the Quebec team. Once that skiing career was over, I took up triathlon, and the cycling part of it attracted me, so I switched to road cycling. I’m delighted to be joining the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, because it’s a professional team with a structure that has proven itself in the peloton, even if it’s still young. My qualities? I like difficult races, I am above all a climber, and the 2023 calendar of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team presents many competitions with these characteristics“.

Emmanuel Hubert, Manager Général

A word from the General Manager


“Clara Emond totally embodies what can be defined as “head and legs”. A brilliant sportswoman, this skier, then triathlete, who has recently switched to cycling, has managed to pursue a dual project throughout her career, which has enabled her to complete her degree in law. Still young in our sport, this 25 year old athlete also has plenty of room for improvement. Clara will be able to complete her post-training with the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, with the possibility of expressing herself in hilly, even mountainous races, where she could showcase her fine climbing skills seen during the 2022 season, particularly on the roads of the Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge”.