08 May 2023

Bretagne Ladies Tour, Franck Renimel: "we can compete on different sides"

For the second year in a row, the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team will compete in the Tour de Bretagne Femmes, with multiple objectives as Franck Renimel explains.

Marie-Morgane Le Deunff

“I will race the Tour de Bretagne for the second time. It was the first objective of the 2023 season that I had set myself, so obviously it is an important race, which is run in Brittany. I will try to target stages, but I also know that I am always there to learn and help the team. I know that there are girls in our team who are doing very well and it is also my mission to support them because these are also their objectives. I did a good block of races at the beginning of the season which allowed me to build up some experience. The circuits in Brittany are very tiring, with steep, short bumps that are very hard on the rider, which I really like”.

Franck Renimel, directeur sportif

“The Tour de Bretagne is a competition which is important for a Breton team like ours. It’s at home, on our territory, so the aim is to do well. We are always motivated in every race we take part in, but even more so when we are at home. The Tour de Bretagne can be a tricky event, the circuits are very tiring. The time trial will undoubtedly influence the general classification, as well as some stages which could give the best riders the opportunity to explain themselves to each other. Our goal is to chase stages, but we also have ambitions for the general classification. We are going to play both sides, especially as we have seen some very good things from Danielle De Francesco in the Grand Prix 56, and Marie-Morgane who can also do very good things in some stage finishes. Everyone will have something to play for”.


Marie-Morgane Le Deunff