06 May 2022

Bretagne Ladies Tour : Anais Morichon 5th of the provisional general ranking

6th yesterday of the general classification, Anais gained a position in the provisional general classification of the Bretagne Ladies Tour. She is 14th of the 4th stage which arrived in Pontivy.

Anaïs Morichon

«There was a lot of work from my teammates in the final which was technical with two bumps to follow. The rhythm was sustained during the stage. The team played an important role, it’s thanks to the girls that I was able to move up one place in the overall ranking. It’s very encouraging this provisional top 5 in the overall ranking for the future! »

«The race went well, we were often in front with the girls, we followed all the moves. We were running in groups. From Mur de Bretagne on, we raced for her. On the circuit the same strategy was adopted, we had to place Anaïs. I tried to attack with two laps to go, I went out. Anaïs is now 5th in the provisional overall ranking. It was a good day for us! »

Franck Renimel

«Anais is in the top 5 overall, so we had to race for her. The girls made the race harder on Mur de Bretagne. They did what was necessary so that we could isolate the girls who were in difficulty and especially well placed overall. Once on the circuit, the objective was to race for Anaïs. It was the same configuration. Our runners tried some things and we have no regrets, the girls had a collective behavior! »


Anaïs Morichon